Receiving devices PU 630

Pintle take-up for spooling of long products on metal spools with uniform lay. It can be used both independently and as part of technological lines. 

The device consists of a full metal body, retractable pintles, a lifting device, a screw layout device, a frequency regulated drive, a control panel. The drum is lifted by means of a lifting device equipped with pneumatic cylinders, an air brake allows to quickly and effectively stop the filled drum weighing up to 700 kilograms.

The device uses a screw layout device that provides a constant regulated layout step from the first winding layer to the last. The minimum noise level is achieved through the use of gear motors.

The device does not require any a special foundation, it is compact and occupies a minimum production area.

Main characteristics of PU 630.


Meaning name of parameters and sizes


Take-up drum

630/127 (DIN)

Layout width


Max cable take-up speed, m/min

up to 800

Layout device

Screw regulated

Elevation device type


Brake type


Device weight, not to exceed, kg


Noise level, not to exceed, dBA